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ok, nothing happened

So far, so bad. My adventures into the world of bullet journaling have rather stalled. Most definitely enjoyed investigated the kit, looking up which pen and notebook I would use is exactly the sort of project I can waste spend lots of time on. Getting the kit and working out which of the templates I would use also seemed fun, although committing the pen to paper was weirdly stressful - I didn’t want to spoil my lovely journal 🤣.

Looking back I somehow expected bullet journaling to somehow happen, turns out it might take work.

I don’t think I have helped myself by storing the journal inside our bureau at the bottom of a set of paper trays. Out of sight, out of mind most surely applies here?

From what I can find from YouTube (great advice, easily ignored) I need to be regularly using the journal, the habit needs creating. Think I will plan on a minimum of twice a day, morning for planning and thinking, evening for reflection. Going to use James Clear’s habit stacking approach to link journaling into my morning and evening routines.

Finally, I got a bit distracted by thinking I needed a way of recording journaling whilst out and about using my phone. Cue an excuse to start playing with tools, on this occasion Obsidian and Logseq. Rather liked Logseq and will keep an eye on it, but a bit flaky on iOS at present. Decided to delete them all and go back to Apple notes (as usual).

Ho hum, lessons learnt, onwards! 🙂

mark hysted
mark hysted
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