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Engineer by training, project manager by early career. Programme and Portfolio manager and consultant in later career for both private and public sector. Live in the south-west of the UK, Bristol and Bath are my local haunts.

Interested in how humans operate and how we come together to be productive and useful. Be that from basic techniques such as the classic GTD, the power of coaching or the influence of teams and environment on individual performance and wellbeing. Also like to spend too long faffing about on things like blogs and the latest tech.

subscribing to updates #

I use an rss feed so others can subscribe, they are indicated by a icon. It keeps things clean and is becoming a popular way of seeing content without being bombarded by ads or other temptations to waste your day. You can subscribe to my feed here.

finding me #

  • email is the best way of finding me: [email protected]
  • I am on mastodon, you can find me here
  • I am not on any meta product.

this site #