and relax

Having just returned from a week lying by the pool in Ravello, Italy I am contemplating what makes the holiday so relaxed and whether I can bring back anything to the hustle and bustle of daily life.

I’m not going to recreate the scenario where my breakfast is made for me (cakes are a win, not for my waistline though), and I am probably going to have to make my own bed and clean some clothes, but there were a few things that perhaps I could all do with bringing back from my time away from work.

  • What time is it? I have this inbuilt inability to remember what day it is, but I do generally keep a close eye on time - especially on a day with a heavy meeting load. On holiday, the watch comes off and my mind drifts. I suspect this isn’t going to work everyday in the office, but perhaps more unstructured time would help move the old brain into a more creative state.

  • Open to the new. Seemingly whilst on holiday I appear move open to new experiences. We happened to have timed our leave in line with the Ravello festival, so I went to see some Jazz at the beautiful Villa Rufulo. I wouldn’t have done that at home, something changes in a different place.

  • The experience value of money. Having spent a good amount of money getting to the destination I tend to maximise the value of the holiday, eating and drinking at some of the nicest spots. Rather than trying to save money given the cost I seem to do the opposite - may as well enjoy the sunk cost of the holiday to it’s max! My perspective at home seems to be different, there is an opportunity to get more from my daily experiences.