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hard landscaping my 2023

This morning has been spent planning out what is happening in 2023 and making sure we all know what the ‘big ticket’ items are for the coming 12 months. Blocking out the fixed items in our year helps to reduce ‘faff’ when things have to be moved around last minute and gives us a view of our year. The thinking goes something like this:

  • When are our holidays booked or planned for this year?

  • When are we doing our relative visiting?

  • Do any of the kids have commitments we need to take into account? For example school trips/expeditions or visits we need to ensure we have space for

  • Are there large work commitments that we need to take account of? Conferences when one of us is away is the key concern here.

This ends up with a collection of shared calendar invites. It also generates an email I send to my work account so I can book and allocate the time in my work calendar - not opening my work email until I return back to the office!

This is our attempt at defining our hard landscape for the year ahead, reducing the likelihood of generating a diary clash and helping us to say no to commitments that come up during the next 12 months.

Happy new year 🥳

mark hysted
mark hysted
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