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and relax

Having just returned from a week lying by the pool in Ravello, Italy I am contemplating what makes the holiday so relaxed and whether I can bring back anything to the hustle and bustle of daily life.

ok, nothing happened

So far, so bad. My adventures into the world of bullet journaling have rather stalled.

trying a bullet journal

I must be one of the last people who has ever looked up productivity on Youtube and not tried bullet journalling.

the to... list

One of the parts of David Allen’s getting things done that have really lasted throughout the last few years for me is the concept of lists.


hard landscaping my 2023

This morning has been spent planning out what is happening in 2023 and making sure we all know what the ‘big ticket’ items are for the coming 12 months.

my annual digital declutter

It is the time of year I like to do a bit of a digital declutter, cleaning my digital life sets me up for a new year.